Theory of Change

At A Step Beyond, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity and resources to be successful, regardless of their family’s financial situation.  By providing the highest quality artistic, academic, and counseling services, we are building confident, curious learners who are mindful of their own needs while being sensitive to the diversity of their peers.  As students move through A Step Beyond’s program, they are given opportunities to serve as role models for younger students and given the additional resources to prepare for graduation and college.

The Concept of Change driving A Step Beyond is based on an understanding that through the mindful practice of dance and a holistic approach to services, students build the habits of mind to achieve a better future.  In this life pursuit, students become role models for their family and peers.  A Step Beyond will follow students throughout college in order to encourage their future pursuits and provide the opportunity to Pay it Back to the next generation of A Step Beyond students.   This Concept of Change is also our Cycle of Success.


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