We see a bright future for the students we serve

Our goal is that each one will pursue meaningful college and career goals after graduating from high school.

You can help provide support for students to pursue college and career pathways.

Student Scholarship Fund

Support the ongoing education of individuals who participated in our programs by filling the gaps in financial assistance that our students may experience as they enter college, certificate programs, or trade schools. 

Emergency Aid Fund

Help our graduates complete their higher education by resolving unexpected, time-sensitive financial emergencies.


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Students from the lowest family income quartile averaged $9,739 in unmet financial need in 2016 while students from the highest income quartile had a surplus of $28,755. Since then, tuition for higher education or career programs has only increased.

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Name: Stephanie P.

Career Goal: Medical Field

“They bring a new generation closer to college, to their dream job, to be successful in life, and every kid deserves that.”