Investing in the future of our students, and our community.

Economic & Social Impact

In partnership with Cal State San Marcos, students in the College of Business Administration developed an economic impact report analyzing A Step Beyond’s operations. The group, along with their faculty advisor, conducted an analysis of ASB’s impact on the community using IMPLAN software. They reported the following results showcasing the efficacy and long-term benefit of our programs on both our students and our community.


A Step Beyond generates a total financial impact on our community’s economy of $1.38 per every $1 donated to our organization’s mission to develop well-rounded individuals within our ten-year commitment program.


By improving long-term outcomes for students such as healthy lifestyle choices and post-secondary education, and preventing adverse outcomes such as substance abuse and criminal activity, A Step Beyond provides both immense savings and economic benefits to our community. Even if just 50% of our students are positively impacted in these areas, ASB will provide a total economic impact of $44.56 for every $1.00 spent on our programs. 

$1.9 Million

A Step Beyond has a combined total economic impact of $1.9 million on the Escondido economy through its investments in the lives of students, outstanding team of teachers and other staff, and partnerships with local businesses.


Benefits of Dance

  • A future workforce with creativity and critical thinking skills

  • Brain development optimized for alertness, attention, and motivation

  • Gross motor skill development including coordination, body control, balance, and strength

  • Social and collaboration skills through coordination and a team mindset

  • Low to no-cost equipment required with nearly limitless practice opportunities

Source: Young Children and Movement: The Power of Creative Dance

Hear from Parents

A Step Beyond conducted an anonymous survey of families with children enrolled in our programs. The survey focused on the indirect impact of the organization and included questions such as the programs effect on participant’s GPA, participant’s plans for higher education, program satisfaction, and how likely they would be to recommend the program.

  • The three main reasons parents enrolled their children in A Step Beyond is for academic support, dancing, and mentoring.

  • Out of a scale of 1 through 5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest), respondents’ average rating for their satisfaction of the program is a 4.7.

  • 97% of the respondents would recommend A Step Beyond to another family member, friend, or colleague.

Annual Report

We know how important it is that your gifts of time and financial support are being used effectively. That’s why we prioritize accountability and transparency and regularly report about the work we are doing.

In our most recent Annual Report, we shared that most students report positive changes in factors related to resilience, relationships, learning, and school engagement. In fact, 98% of ASB students believe their participation at ASB helps them feel more successful at school, while 93% report that dance makes them feel good about themselves. Read these results and other program updates in our most recent annual report.