A Step Beyond: Dance


Dance education begins at third and fourth grade and students stay with the program until they graduate from high school.  As students move through our program they take ownership of dance in their lives, develop their own aesthetic, build an acute awareness of the human body, experience and reflect on dance from other cultures, contemplate dance as a social change model and strive for excellence through a contemporary, somatic and ballet technique curriculum.

Teaching Artists: Casey Flores, Jennifer Oliver, Nhu Nguyen

All of our dance classes are taught by professional dancers who inspire our students with their passion for the field and highly developed skills as artists.

Throughout the dance curriculum students are held by our Family Services team and Academic tutoring program.

diese pille gegen angst

It is the seamless connection of all of these programs that we believe will produce not only high school graduates, but citizens healthy in mind and body.  Citizens who know how to lead while encouraging the people around them.  Citizens who appreciate the beauty and brilliance of the human body, knowing how to pause and listen to its’ wisdom.  Citizens with the experience of articulating their own values while being mindful of the values and diversity of their peers.  Citizens who can make difficult choices in order to create beauty.  Artful citizens.

Dance Videos

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