Coffee, Comedy, and Caring for Our Students and Families: Meet Araceli Huerta, LCSW!

Meet Araceli Huerta, our Family Services Manager! A great communicator and listener, Araceli fosters nurturing relationships with students, acts as a role model, and provides support and guidance to students. She is also responsible for planning and implementing the family service programs including parent education and volunteerism, crisis intervention, counseling, mentoring, and community services referrals. 

Araceli holds a B.A. in Human Development and a Masters in Social Work from California State University San Marcos. She is a licensed clinical social worker trained in several different therapeutic modalities and has 11 years of experience. We sat down with Araceli to learn more about what inspires her work. 

  1. What is your favorite thing about being a LCSW?

 I love the field of social work, specifically working with youth and families. I enjoy working with a diverse population and helping them reach their full potential. Specifically, I enjoy providing access to those with limited resources.  Being a social worker has allowed me to value the little things in life. Having my license has given me the liberty to have choices in my career and open the doors to different opportunities.

  1.  What inspires you at the moment?

Youth and the future.. .. I hope we can continue to break the barrier and stigma around mental health.

3. What is your favorite self care practice?

I love spending time with my family and watching a comedy movie

4. If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be? 

My husband and daughter and other individuals that share the same passion for social work as I do.

5. What is your favorite mid-work-day snack?

Chocolate.. 🙂

We are incredibly lucky to have Araceli with us. Her friendliness and outgoing demeanor provides a bright atmosphere for staff and students alike!