A Step Beyond: Academics

A Step Beyond provides a rigorous academic curriculum for all its students.  Every child will have access to one-on-one tutoring, a computer lab, a resource library, and an on-going reading program.  Students whose GPA falls below a specified threshold are additionally supported through mandatory, student-centered tutoring programs with emphasis on reading, math, science, and technology.

Once students enter the seventh grade, college prep guidance and peer learning opportunities are provided. Pre-collegiate programs will address all facets of the college application process and peer-mentoring programs will connect students across grade levels to provide additional guidance and inspiration. A Step Beyond is committed to its student graduates and will follow them into college, providing continued mentoring and support for those who need it. The services and resources described here will translate to the graduation of capable and motivated students.


Summer Steam

A Step Beyond offers a three-week summer intensive for all of our first, second and third year students. This program focuses on helping students further their math, literacy and arts education with master teachers in both education and STEAM arts integration.

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